Special message for Barbara Sanciprian

Barbara, if you are reading this, I would like to warn you about Kenneth Pangborn. This man frequently harasses others on the internet, mostly women. Once, he threatened to have a woman raped. Another, he referred to as a "despicable cunt".

He was also recently in a discussion group, debating which of his former sisters-in-law he would rather have sex with. Aside from that, he has also threatened children with physical violence and endangered their well-being.

He also has some very racist views. His posts convey hatred toward Asian, Polish, Jewish and African American people. Earlier this year, he was caught in the act of forging racist posts to members of the alt.atheism newsgroup. The posts were despicable, including such sentiments as "Hitler should have left the ovens on longer".

For some good reading material, aside from this site, simply visit http://groups.google.com and look in groups such as alt.dads-rights.unmoderated. You'll see that Ken makes hundreds of posts a week, all consisting of hatred. You can also visit the alt.atheism newsgroup and ask about him there.

I would also strongly advise that you look into the circumstances regarding his divorce from his first wife. I am told that she has some disturbing stories to tell about Kenneth.