The Ken Pangborn Challenge

Ken Pangborn has made numerous efforts to silence this site and to have these web pages removed.  His efforts over the past several years have included:

All of these efforts have failed miserably.  However, another offer was available to Ken.    Ken's part was simple:

Ken must comply with the terms posted here.  In brief, Ken must admit that he has lied maliciously, with intent to defame, on hundreds of occasions.


Ken must provide proof for any one of his numerous claims, which are listed here.

Once Ken fulfills either of these objectives, we will remove these pages and stop pointing out what a liar and con artist he is.

The terms of "proof":

Ken must provide incontrovertible evidence for any of his claims.  "Hearsay", such as "Several poeple wrote to me and said that tghey had found that yopu were LYING" is not considered evidence.  An example of "incontrovertible evidence":

"Attached is a scanned document, in .jpg format.  As you can see in paragraph 3, the subject has been ordered not to come within 1000 miles of his wife and child.  If you look further in the document, you can see the signature of the judge, and at the top of the page you can see the case number."

Such incontrovertible proof can be posted either by Ken Pangborn or by anyone else who is able to obtain proof.  This should not be difficult for Ken to accomplish...after all, he has claimed that over 1900 other people have had no difficulty obtaining this information.